Posted by: dinaguillen | May 5, 2009

What a Kick

Last week we had the pleasure of thoroughly enjoying our very first official interview for our new cookbook, Cooking Club: Great Ideas and Delicious Recipes for Fabulous Get-Togethers. We say thoroughly enjoyable because we had the opportunity to meet Maria Chacon of Blogs of love to Maria who took two newbie and slightly nervous cookbook authors and made us feel very comfortable. It is our personal conviction that we go into this book publicity campaign having the best time possible, and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick it off.

Michelle, Maria and Dina

Michelle, Maria and Dina

That’s Maria in the middle. We talked about everything, from the obvious – umm, the book, to foods we grew up with, to favorite spices and restaurants, to our favorite television chef…sigh…Anthony Bourdain (more, actually, a lot more about him in future blogs) to the best parts of being in a cooking club.

Read the article here:

We also learned a great deal about who we need to talk to in this town if we want to actually promote and sell this book. We already have a book signing set up at Taylor’s Market scheduled for 11 am on May 15. Please, please come by and say hello. If it sounds a little like pleading, well, maybe it is a little. But we’re just saying, if you’re in the neighborhood… Besides, if you’ve never been to Taylor’s Market, then just come by to see this place – their meat department deserves a lot of superlatives on its own. We are very honored to do a book signing there.

But Maria tells us one book signing does not a successful selling book make. So we are off to start this book promotion adventure. She gave us such great advice we are destined to have a best seller on our hands. Thank you, Maria for everything! If you have any promotion tips for us, we’d love to hear from you, too.


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