Posted by: michellelowrey | May 7, 2009

Release the Sasquatch

One of the great things about writing our book  Cooking Club, was interviewing other clubs from around the country.  Our book highlights what other groups are doing in a page or two synopsis, and really showcases how imaginative people are in their own groups.  One club that I just loved getting to know was a group called– The Denver Adventurous Eaters Club.  This group of wacky eaters prides themselves on eating anything a little left of what you would find on the regular dinner tray at Denny’s.  Jon Emanuel is the founder of the group, and is just an all around cool dude.  Just a few of the food items consumed at his past events are frog porridge, pigs eye’s, fried lamb kidneys, coagulated pork blood mixed with intestines and pickles, and duck-tongue stomach soup.  Sound good?  Well it would be if they were prepared by a professional chef, which Jon just happens to be. Jon just wants to spread the love-and the marrow on toast…he says with a laugh….

This May 17th, The Denver Adventurous Eaters Club will be hosting an event to celebrate their inclusion in our book.  They are calling it “Release the Sasquatch” because our publisher is Sasquatch books.  Pretty clever huh?  So, if you live in Denver,  and just so happen to be craving some coagulated pork blood, this event is for you!  Seriously though, these events are a blast and so are the people who attend.  We wish Jon and all his fellow adventurous eaters, a fun night!  Wish we could be there!  Check them out.

Denver Adventurous Eaters Club Book Launch Party


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