Posted by: dinaguillen | May 15, 2009

Betsy and Dina Clean Their Own

I just had the best time being interviewed on Martha Stewart Living Radio by Betsy Karetnick of Everyday Food, who has the best stories and even better sense of humor.  After asking me if I let other people clean my kitchen or if I preferred to clean my own after a cooking club gathering (yes, I’m one of the weird ones who prefers to clean my own – as does Betsy, by the way), she asked callers to call in and let us know what they prefer.  What a hoot! 

Before the interview even started, I sat in my kitchen (where I go whenever I need to come up with something inspirational, insightful, or just need to feel deeply reassured – the kitchen does it for me) trying to come up with what kinds of questions Betsy would ask me.  My kitchen let me down this time – not once did I come up with, nor even came close to “whether I preferred cleaning up my own kitchen or letting others clean it.”  Not even remotely. 


My Kitchen

My Kitchen

And the calls that came in were pretty fun too.  So a la Betsy, I’m throwing it out there…do you like to clean your own kitchen after a cooking club gathering, or do you like it when people help you? And if you’re in a cooking club, I would love to hear your cooking club stories as well!


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