Posted by: dinaguillen | May 22, 2009

They Get It

As Michelle and I continue on this publicity tour for our new cookbook, Cooking Club, the one question that keeps coming up time after time is “why are you in a cooking club?”  And for those who are in cooking clubs, the answer is so basic – being in a cooking club is a kind of love, a love of food, a love of cooking, a love of entertaining, a love of hanging with good friends to talk about this love.  Often times, the people who are doing the interview are asking questions because it’s their job – they have to ask these questions, get the story, and then move on to the next story.

This time as we tried to explain our passion for cooking clubs to a television crew from our local NBC affiliate, we noticed the camera man, Paul, smiling… a lot.  It went from his mouth to his eyes and stayed there.  In between takes, he would put the video camera down, and leaf through our cookbooks.

Michelle and I looked at each other and knew we had a foodie in our midst.  I love that feeling.  Someone new to talk to about food.  He began asking questions about the marinade for a pork chops recipe from our Plank Grilling Cookbook, and before we knew it, two and a half hours went by and the interview was over.  We could have easily talked for another two and a half hours.




And really, that’s why we love being in a cooking club.  And why we show up, month after month, never missing a cooking club gathering in almost 10 years.  We get to talk to like minded people whom we adore, about a topic we love and could go on and on about.  And they get it.  A big thank you to the KCRA crew for making this interview a little less scary, and a lot more fun.  And thanks for getting it.


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