Posted by: michellelowrey | May 28, 2009

Tim Brown Stole My Parking Space

So last week, the local NBC affiliate came to Dina’s house to get some sound bites to be included in the live cooking demo that we both did this morning. We prepped all the food the day before, practiced what we were going to say, talked about what we were going to wear, you know, the usual. We had to be at the studio at 7:45 in the morning, which meant that I had to get up at 6:00, so that we could be there on time.

First off, how hard is it to look presentable that early in the morning? I don’t know how those early morning talk show people types do it?! I mean, I’m 40 now! Those creases caused by the bed sheets from the night before, usually don’t go away until at least noon……

Anyway, Dina and I get to the studio right on time (pat ourselves on the back for that one) and we are looking for a place to park. I need to park up close because I’ve got a lot of food stuff loaded in my car that I want to carry as short a distance as possible. Dina is motioning me to park my car in the spot close to the door, and that she will park further down the street. Somewhere in all of the commotion of figuring out the parking mumbo jumbo, this guy totally takes my spot! …….I know! He completely sucks, right? I give him a piece of my mind….with my eyes…..and he gives me a piece of his mind….with his mouth…..Not the greatest way to start the morning.

One of the camera guys takes us to our little outside area to prep our stuff and get ready, and we spy an interview that they are doing down the hall….and they are interviewing the guy that stole my parking spot! Yeah, it turns out that Tim Brown, aside from being an ex receiver for the Oakland Raiders, and Heisman Trophy winner, is also a total parking space stealer. Actually, I’m sure he is quite a nice guy. He was on the air promoting some mentoring program for kids that he does every summer, or some other thing like that, so you gotta forgive him. But I will NOT forgive the track suit he was wearing for the interview. What is it about sport people types? MUST they continually wear the requisite track/running suit get up? I mean come on?!

So the interview is about to start and I can sense that Dina is getting nervous. Not about the interview itself, because she’s a pro. She is nervous because she doesn’t know what I’m going to do or say on air….This is L-I-V-E.   She may not admit it to my face, but speaking in public, well, let’s just say that it’s not my strong suit. Me, doing a live cooking demo was a complete recipe for disaster, because you never know if I’m going to just blankly stare into the camera, and say something witty like, “My name is Michelle, and I like pie”.


My fear of video cameras started early. Even when I was young and my Dad would tape me opening presents at Christmas, I would get all nervous and self conscious. In my own home. On Christmas morning. I remember in college I was in some protest march…..I can’t even remember what I was so fired up about, but boy was I fired up, and this camera guy shoves a microphone in my face, and I said the words, “this is a complete travesty of justice” like, twelve times…. in thirteen seconds. Needless to say that little screen gem never made it on the air. So yes, put a camera in my face, and I can go from totally normal, to “we’re all going to die” in the blink of an eye.

So I was nervous about today. I went over it a million times in my head, and you know what? I didn’t suck. In fact, I think it went pretty well! Dina was wonderful, and we helped each other out when needed, and bantered back and forth like pros. It’s not easy to cook and talk at the same time while on camera, and all things considered, we were great. We had a small mishap with a burner being on too high, and the pan started smoking….like a chain smoker fiend who gets off the plane and is finally allowed to smoke, after an 18 hour flight…..but hey, we handled the billows of smoke with style! Dare I say this, but “I want to do it again!” This interviewing stuff? Piece of cake….

KCRA Cooking Demo with Diedre Fitzpatrick



  1. Michelle and Dina
    You two looked like a couple of pros on the segment with Deidre Fitzpatrick. Oh, wait…you are pros!! Really enjoyed it and I also think your blogs are great; you both have a natural talent when it comes to writing! Congratulations!!!

  2. Thanks Lori!! Dierdre completely put us at ease…now she’s a pro. Hey there, “my fellow friend who just so happens to be in a cooking club too,” I sent you a questionnaire to fill out about your own club. I’d love to post your answers on our blog. I guess I’ll just have to wait until you get back from your vacay…..:-)

  3. I think Michelle has always been a “ham”…what better way to show that attribute than on a cooking spot.

    I went to Barnes and Noble for your new book and it was sold out, they had to order it for me. However I was able to get another copy of ‘Plank Grilling” so keep the presses rolling!!

  4. I really think its a Natural Thing Girls
    Next Food Network???
    You both did GREAT!!!

  5. Holy heck! You guys look fabulous and I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to see you two make Emeril cry!

  6. Fabulous – you both did great. Congrats Michelle!!!

  7. Your blog about this day was hilarious! You guys did great and looked very comfortable! Just like the pros you are! Thanks for sharing! I’ll see you at your book signing on Saturday at Borders!

    • Thanks Carolyn! Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday….

  8. Michelle, that was awesome!!! I’m so proud of you. Thanks for sharing the link – and your blog! Very cool!!!

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